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Podcast – April George – Thanksgiving Tradition

Need a fun and creative Thanksgiving tradition? In this episode, April George discusses Turkey on the Table, the company she founded with business partner, Kerry Maunus. Their adorable little feathered creation is a fun way to celebrate the holiday, begin a tradition, and reinforce the practice of thankfulness.

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April describes how—and why—she and her friend came up with the idea for Turkey on the Table and brought the company to fruition.  She explains how the decorative turkey fosters thankfulness and some ways to “use” the turkey during the Thanksgiving holiday. We discuss how young kids, older kids, and adults with no kids love this turkey. April shares the retailers who sell the turkey, how her daughters’ thankfulness has expanded, and their partnership with Feeding America.

She also describes her honey of a new thing! We reference this beekeeping podcast episode.

To order a turkey or extra feathers, please visit this website, or purchase it on Amazon. The turkey is also available at Nordstrom—in stores and online.

Thanksgiving tradition founders

Turkey on the Table co-founders Kerry Maunus (left) and April George

I absolutely love this Thanksgiving tradition, and I hope you do too!

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Photos courtesy of April George