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Katie and Greg – Their December ADVENTure

Last November, Katie and Greg grew restless and bored. With colder days, a raging pandemic, early darkness, and a one-year-old, each day mimicked the one before. They’d fallen into a rut.

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What Do You Wear in the Garden?

By Janet Dahl  I am the first to admit that my general appearance, while at home during the shutdown, became increasingly casual as the pandemic wore on. And on. A few weeks ago, after a morning spent pulling weeds from the flower beds and pruning a few shrubs, I Zoomed with a college friend. Still in my gardening attire, I realized I’d gone—perhaps—a little too casual.  My good friend laughed

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Favorite Travel Shoes

When I look around, I’m beginning to see hope. I had my second vaccine last week, I’m visiting my parents next month, and I’ve booked a trip to California’s wine country. Life—and travel—is revving back up again. But a recent article in the Wall Street Journal stopped me in my airport-racing, museum-trotting, city-sightseeing tracks. It seems I’m a bit of a dinosaur. Donna Bulseco writes of the obsolete fashion faux-pax

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How to Help an Ailing Friend

My walking buddy and I meet every Tuesday for our weekly dose of sanity. We power walk through a neighborhood or a park, catch up with our lives, and solve the problems of the world—and those of other people too. Last week, she tripped over a bump on the sidewalk, slammed her knee to the ground, and fractured her patella. She’s out of commission—and I’m without a walking partner—for two

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How to Express Sympathy to a Friend

Late last year, a college friend passed away. Other than at our sorority reunion—18 months ago, when she was still in good health—I hadn’t seen her in decades. But, thanks to email and texts and social media, we’d stayed in touch. And her death hit me hard. I still haven’t written a sympathy note to her husband. I’m at a loss for what to say to a man I know

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What is Your Word for 2021?

Four years ago, we sold our big house in Texas and moved 800 miles away to a small home in Nashville. As we sorted through our belongings, and packed up our life in Houston, we donated, purged, consigned, and sold. I got rid of the dishes and linens and cookware and clothing I didn’t use or wear. All the stuff I didn’t like. But I saved—and transported to our new city— a

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TV Shows for the Long Winter Evenings

We watched the final episode of Justified last night. And I feel like a good friend moved away. I’ll miss Harlan County and Boyd and Art and Raylan—oh, especially Raylan. A tale about the U.S. Marshals service and crime in a southeastern Kentucky coal mining area, Justified contains a good amount of violence. But even the bad guys are likable. So—my husband and I now need another series to watch.

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A New Year’s Eve Tradition

Long ago, I gave up glitzy parties and morning hangovers and late-night celebrations. I no longer require noisemakers and hats to mark the end of the calendar year. On New Year’s Eve, I’m happy with a good movie to watch and a quiet dinner my husband and I prepare together. And our letters. The tradition began a few years ago. With the kids grown and gone, we craved a festive

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Stocking Stuffers for Cooks – and People Who Eat

A huge thank you to the lovely ladies at The Kitchen Nashville for their suggestions and opinions on the latest and greatest kitchen gifts. Those little stocking stuffers we don’t know we need and might not buy for ourselves. But, once we use them, we wonder how we managed without these helpful items. They make playing in the kitchen so much fun. Food Huggers – I wish I’d invented these

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