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Anne Elizabeth McIntosh – Luxury Concierge

Several years ago, Anne Elizabeth McIntosh and I chatted on a sunny Florida beach. Ours was the polite conversation people have when neighboring umbrellas and beach chairs are close to one another. What book are you reading? Where are you from? We ran into each other again at the airport as we boarded the same flight back to Nashville. And once more on the parking lot shuttle bus.

Since then—via Instagram—I’ve watched Anne Elizabeth’s luxury concierge business sprout, grow, and flourish. What I’ve learned—if you want to know anything about Nashville, Anne Elizabeth is the one to call.

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Brett Swayn – Training for Homeless Men

“You can’t spend a weekend with someone seriously ill and grasp what they’re going through,” says Brett Swayn. “I never understood the depths of despair homeless men face….until I was homeless myself.”

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Kelley Teckman – Food Stylist

A few years ago, I had lunch with an author who was in Nashville to promote her new cookbook. I wondered, after a late night flight, how she’d organized and prepared the dishes she’d cooked on an early morning television program. “Oh no, the food stylists do all that,” the author said. And I wanted to learn more.

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Hassan Sharaff – Hydroponic Farming

Hassan Sharaff had “no gardening experience whatsoever” when he and his dad built a greenhouse in their suburban New York backyard. While he experimented—on a small scale—with growing crops in water, he researched hydroponic farming and developed his business plan. 

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Katy McAvoy and Two Summer Mocktails

I’m always excited when restaurants include signature mocktails on their menus. Although I enjoy a good drink with alcohol, sometimes I’d rather skip the spirits. Yes, I can order sparkling water or soda, but a colorful drink in a pretty glass seems more festive.

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The Comfortable Kitchen – A Cookbook Review

I thank  Alex Snodgrass for coaxing me back into the kitchen. Through the recipes on her blog, The Defined Dish—which utilize pantry staples and other items I might not otherwise try—I fell in love with cooking again. Her first cookbook debuted at the end of 2020, right before the world shut down. The Comfortable Kitchen, her latest collection of recipes packed with flavor and wholesome ingredients, is the ideal gift for Mother’s Day or your spring holiday hostess.

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Cookbook Review – A New Take on Cake

A few weeks ago, a college friend and I discussed those cookbooks we owned and used. She mentioned it would be nice to test drive a cookbook before taking the plunge and buying it. 

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Anne Byrn – The Cake Mix Doctor

Long before we met, Anne Byrn’s face was familiar to me. In 1999, The Cake Mix Doctor, featuring Anne’s smiling image and flavorful ways to create magic with a box of cake mix, sold in Costco, Target, bookstores, and—well—most everywhere.

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What Do You Do With a Food Processor?

In 2019, I had more time than ever to cook and experiment in the kitchen. I enjoyed my new hobby and, when my birthday rolled around, I announced I was treating myself to a food processor. Never mind I only cooked for two people, and my husband is a most willing chopper and dicer. Hands down, it may be the one item I’d grab in a fire. And, if it

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Marda Stoliar – Pastry Chef and Instructor

The Orchid Series

A collection of interviews featuring inspiring women over 75 years young. Curious, engaged, active, interesting. The sort of woman I want to be when I grow up!  

Decades ago—when Marda Stoliar was much younger—women wore heels and dresses. Everywhere. As hard as it is to imagine now, women’s sneakers did not exist. 

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Kelly Dallas – Napa Valley Bartender

At Solbar, inside the stunning Solage Resort in Napa Valley, bartender Kelly Dallas placed a concoction in front of me, unlike anything I’d ever seen in a cocktail glass. With swirling bubbles and black specks and basil leaves, it reminded me of the lava lamp my teenage friend had on her bedroom nightstand.

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Jenny Rosenstrach – Dinner A Love Story

My mission this summer? Pile our dinner plates high with vegetables and plant-based proteins. All the wonderful farm stands around Nashville make my goal easier. And so does Jenny Rosenstrach.

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Instant Pot Meals

“Where will I store this?” I thought as I unwrapped the birthday gift from my kids. I’m not a young mom, I’m not pressed for time, and I have all day to get dinner on the table… But, yes, I soon realized, I need an Instant Pot! I played around with this intimidating gadget and, like anything else, my skills improved with practice. It’s not instant dinner. The appliance takes

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Robyn Sargent – King Arthur Baking Instructor

Robyn Sargent’s job is a delicious one. In her “office,” a spacious test kitchen equipped with the latest baking pans and gadgets, Robyn bakes cinnamon rolls, pizza dough, and cream puffs. She adjusts seasonings and ingredients until the final product tastes just right. And she gets paid to do this. I discovered King Arthur Baking this past holiday season. A lovely friend gave me a gift card for Christmas. Sure,

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Date Night Dinners

We’re not big on going out on Valentine’s Day, but we try to make it a special night in. Besides, as a dear friend likes to say, “Every day is Valentine’s Day!” I’m not sure what’s on our menu yet, but we’ll cook a nice meal, pour some red wine, and set the table with candles and cloth napkins. If you’re cooking at home on Valentine’s Day, or any day,

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Agenia Clark – Girl Scout Cookies and a Taste Test

At the risk of sounding like a dinosaur, I once peddled Girl Scout cookies for 75 cents a box. They now sell for $4 and up. Agenia Clark, CEO of Girl Scouts of Middle Tennessee, laughed long and loud when I admitted this. But I won’t hold it against her. Thanks to the lovely Agenia, and the Girl Scout cookies she provided, our holiday household conducted a taste test last

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Soups to Warm Up Your Winter

Outdoor dining has screeched to a halt—at least in my part of the country. The holidays are over, the decorations are down, and it’s dark by 5:30. The cold, dreary months of January and February stretch before us. To combat the winter blues, my friend, Janet has developed a coping mechanism. Instead of grumbling about the short days and freezing temps, she adopts a positive attitude. “Hurray,” she says. “I

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Cindy Wall – Cooking Through COVID-19

Nowadays, most of us spend more time in the kitchen. Flour and butter are in short supply. Fancy mixers and food processors are tough to find. We take advantage of our extra hours at home to prepare dishes we might not otherwise make. We are cooking through COVID-19. When The Belcourt Theatre closed for the pandemic, Cindy Wall, the Director of Communications and Marketing, knew she would miss the day-to-day,

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Festive Holiday Cookies

I’m somewhat of a cookie monster. I love to bake them, gift them, eat them. Really, what can be better on a cold December morning than holiday cookies and coffee for breakfast? Maybe that’s why—when she talks—my granddaughter will call me Cookie. Here are a few of my favorites for the holidays. Delicious cookies from bloggers who churn out drool-worthy baked goodies on a regular basis. And one from my

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Stocking Stuffers for Cooks – and People Who Eat

A huge thank you to the lovely ladies at The Kitchen Nashville for their suggestions and opinions on the latest and greatest kitchen gifts. Those little stocking stuffers we don’t know we need and might not buy for ourselves. But, once we use them, we wonder how we managed without these helpful items. They make playing in the kitchen so much fun. Food Huggers – I wish I’d invented these

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