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Podcast – Tanya Singer – Knitting Enthusiast

In this episode, I welcome knitting expert Tanya Singer. Tanya writes about and teaches knitting, and offers loads of recommendations for beginners (like me) on where to turn for help and inspiration.

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Podcast – Key Exercises as We Age

A fitness and nutrition guru, Adam Lee is the owner of 28 Tenn Fitness, a workout gym in Hendersonville, TN. Adam trains and guides a multitude of people who want to lose weight, get stronger, eat better, or simply stay in shape. In this episode, Adam discusses the key exercises we should all perform regularly as we age—the crucial exercises that will help us continue to do all the things we love, as we get older.

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Joan Hornberger – Change is Good

The Orchid Series

A collection of interviews featuring inspiring women over 75 years young. Curious, engaged, active, interesting. The sort of woman I want to be when I grow up!

“Change is good, and I was ready for something different,” says Joan Hornberger. After 38 years of living in Charlottesville, VA, she and her husband surprised friends when they packed up and moved to Nashville. 

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Podcast – Lucas Eilers Design

Lucas Eilers Design is a highly sought-after residential design firm in Houston, TX. Sandy Lucas and Sarah Eilers are the design dynamos who head up the 12-person team. Sandy and Sarah work on upscale projects nationwide, have won numerous accolades, and are frequently featured in national publications. In this episode, the two women discuss lovely and current residential design trends.

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Podcast – Carville Leprosarium

The Second Life of Mirielle West, a historical fiction novel, revolves around the Carville Leprosarium. From 1894-2005, law required all leprosy patients in the United States to be quarantined in this rural Louisiana hospital community. I loved the book and its fascinating history. And so, I reached out to Amanda Skenandore, the author and an infection prevention nurse, to learn more.

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