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Ardys – Attitude and Socialization

The Orchid Series

A collection of interviews featuring inspiring humans over 75 years young. Curious, engaged, active, interesting. The sort of person I want to be when I grow up!

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Podcast – Brooke Jones – Random Acts of Kindness

In this episode, Brooke Jones and I discuss her role at The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation and the resources her organization provides to communities, workplaces, families, and children. We also talk about the science behind kindness and how it affects the human brain, whether we give, receive, or witness kind gestures. She provides examples of how we can, in our everyday lives, lift each other up—and, as a result, feel better ourselves.

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Cody Durham – High-Rise Window Cleaning

Every few months, I hear a THUMP THUMP against the side of my 13th-story window. I pull back the drape and wave to the man (I’ve yet to see a woman!) dangling from the side of my building. He cleans and swipes, pausing to wave back, smile, and pose for a photo. “High-rise window cleaners see some crazy stuff,” says Cody Durham. “And, believe me, it’s hard not to look.”

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Favorite Travel Accessories

At 6 am on December 22, I handed a large duffel bag to the airport ticket agent. As she checked my bag, stuffed with Christmas presents and ski helmets and clothing to combat the minus twenty-degree temps I headed into, I casually asked the agent, Will Denver airport employees work outside in this weather?

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Podcast – Marci Houff – Ovarian Cancer Survivor

In this interview, ovarian cancer survivor Marci Houff and I discuss her surprising ovarian cancer diagnosis at a young age, the facts surrounding this sneaky and deadly disease, the steps she took to battle this cancer, the disease’s symptoms, and the non-profit she founded to spread information and awareness.

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