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Rosie – The Orchid Series – Inspiring Women Over 75

The Orchid Series

A collection of interviews featuring inspiring women over 75 years young. Curious, engaged, active, interesting. The sort of woman I want to be when I grow up!

“The pandemic? It didn’t bother me,” says Rosie as we chatted over the phone one snowy April morning.

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Megan Gill – Package-Free Shops

Exploring Megan Gill’s package-free shop, The Good Fill, is like wandering the luscious aisles of a candy store. Every which way you turn, shelves and bins and shiny containers entice with zero-waste options for those everyday items we all use. From personal hygiene products to home cleaning supplies, customers refill jars or bottles they already own and forgo tossing more plastic in the trash. A former hairdresser, Megan “witnessed a

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Susie Orman Schnall – Novelist, Screenwriter

The pandemic wasn’t all bad for Susie Orman Schnall. Amid last year’s isolation and cancellations and shutdowns, she received some wonderful news. The rights to We Came Here to Shine, her historical fiction novel which burst into the world in early 2020, had sold to a production company. A few weeks ago, Susie finished up and turned in the final version of the novel’s screenplay. The company will now talk

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Vivian Shudde – The Brookwood Community

“This is my life—and your imperfect life too,” says Vivian Shudde, CEO of The Brookwood Community, to the roomful of parents whose children have various intellectual and physical challenges. “Believe me, our sorority sisters and cousins and neighbors and school friends have imperfections in their lives too. But they’re easier to hide.” Vivian’s younger sister, Vicki, contracted the mumps as a small child. The disease led to meningitis and brain

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Favorite Travel Shoes

When I look around, I’m beginning to see hope. I had my second vaccine last week, I’m visiting my parents next month, and I’ve booked a trip to California’s wine country. Life—and travel—is revving back up again. But a recent article in the Wall Street Journal stopped me in my airport-racing, museum-trotting, city-sightseeing tracks. It seems I’m a bit of a dinosaur. Donna Bulseco writes of the obsolete fashion faux-pax

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