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Marilee Nelson – A Toxin-Free Home

Marilee Nelson did not intend to found and build a toxin-free home cleaning company. 

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Kristen Morita – Baby Sign

When I visited my young granddaughter (and her parents!), her simple hand movement declared an end to her dinner. All done. And bath time. And observing the gazelles at the zoo. A different gesture demanded more—strawberries, milk, time in the pool, elephants. When my boys were infants and toddlers, baby sign was not “a thing.” Kristen Morita is a Washington state speech pathologist and mom to two young daughters. She

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Sue – Healing Through Dance

The Orchid Series

A collection of interviews featuring inspiring women over 75 years young. Curious, engaged, active, interesting. The sort of woman I want to be when I grow up! 

From the time she was a small girl, Sue loved to dance. A few decades ago, she and her husband took ballroom dancing lessons “for something fun to do together.” Little did she know life was about to hand her a heart-wrenching surprise.

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Cindy Burnett – Podcast Host and Book Reviewer

Cindy Burnett and I connected through our shared love of books. I only wish I’d met her when I lived in Houston for all those years. Anyway, whether I’m scrolling her social media posts, reading her book columns, or listening to her podcast, Cindy is a go-to source for book opinions and recommendations.

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Jenny Rosenstrach – Dinner A Love Story

My mission this summer? Pile our dinner plates high with vegetables and plant-based proteins. All the wonderful farm stands around Nashville make my goal easier. And so does Jenny Rosenstrach.

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