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Podcast – Tanya Singer – Knitting Enthusiast

In this episode, I welcome knitting expert Tanya Singer. Tanya writes about and teaches knitting, and offers loads of recommendations for beginners (like me) on where to turn for help and inspiration.

Tanya recommended helpful websites and yarn sources:

Knitting expert Tanya Singer and her son

Tanya and her son, a brain surgery survivor


The study Tanya mentioned—on how knitting may lower blood pressure, improve depression, and relieve pain—is linked here.

We chatted about teaching kids to knit and throwing a “fiber feast” so young knitters may learn about fibers and the benefits of knitting.  For more information, please see Tanya’s article.

We discussed the inspiring story of the little red dress of hope.

Tanya raved about this book by Ann Hood.

For more information about Tanya and Ewe Can Knit, please visit her website, or follow her on Facebook or Instagram

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