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Podcast – Laura Carney – My Father’s List

In 2016, Laura Carney discovered her late father’s bucket list. In this episode, Laura discusses how she completed his list, lived out her father’s dreams, and learned a little about herself in the process.

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Laura describes several of the bucket list items, many of them quite daunting or complicated. We talk about how the journey—and doing a lot of scary new things—brought her gifts she had not imagined. Not only was attacking this list a fun project, but it was also a beautiful tribute to her father. And, as with every episode, listeners hear Laura’s one new thing.

 My Father’s List by Laura Carney

My Father's List book by Laura Carney

A portion of the book’s proceeds will benefit the Michael J. Carney Foundation

“Finishing off the list of a dead man has taught me a lot about being alive.”

Instead of a bucket list, some readers may consider a teacup list. 

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Wishing all the dads and father figures a very Happy Father’s Day!

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