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Podcast – Brooke Jones – Random Acts of Kindness

In this episode, Brooke Jones and I discuss her role at The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation. We chat about the resources her organization provides to communities, workplaces, families, and children. We also talk about the science behind kindness. It’s interesting how kindness affects the human brain, whether we give, receive, or witness kind gestures. She provides examples of how we can, in our everyday lives, lift each other up. And, as a result, feel better ourselves.

Celebrate Random Acts of Kindness Week February 12-18. Find resources on The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation website to make doing kind gestures easy and fun!

Read about Dr. Bill Bellet’s 21-Day Positivity Exercise that we discussed in this episode.

I loved hearing what new thing Brooke—and her daughter—are doing together to spread kindness around their neighborhood. And, if you’d like to become a RAKtivist—a random acts of kindness activist—Brooke explains how to do that too.

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“Podcast – Brooke Jones – Random Acts of Kindness”
  • I LOVE this one! I put RAk in the upper corner of my calendar each day. Doing RANDOM Acts of KINDNESS fill my ❤️. How awesome there is a foundation! Great website!