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Podcast – Cindy Burnett – Book Recommendations

In this episode, Cindy Burnett and I discuss her bookish podcast, Thoughts From a Page, five outstanding first-quarter book recommendations, other novels we’ve enjoyed, and much more.

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Cindy’s five book recommendations are:

The Sweet Spot by Amy Poeppel

Dust Child by Nyugen Phan Que Mai

Go As a River by Shelley Read

Exiles by Jane Harper

The Mostly True Story of Tanner and Louise by Colleen Oakley

Other books we mentioned:

Force of Nature by Jane Harper

The Dry by Jane Harper

The Mountains Sing by Nyugen Phan Que Mai

Limelight by Amy Poeppel

Muscial Chairs by Amy Poeppel

For author interviews and more book recommendations by Cindy Burnett, check out her podcast  Thoughts from a Page.

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  • Great blog Pam, and I will check out Cindy’s blog as well! Congrats on a great launch!