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Strokes – Dr. Maureen Seitz – Podcast

In this podcast episode, Dr. Maureen Seitz returns to Who I Met Today to explain all the things we need to know about strokes.

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She describes the various types of strokes, the warning signs, and the importance of taking TIAs seriously. Dr. Seitz explains we can prevent a stroke and talks about the ways to do so. We discuss the clot-busting treatments, the importance of noting the time, and why those with atrial fibrillation should be vigilant.

Dr. Seitz holds a BA in Biology from Earlham College in Richmond, IN. She earned her medical degree cum laude and continued her residency training at Meharry Medical College. Dr. Seitz completed a fellowship in Geriatrics at Vanderbilt University and is board-certified in both Family Medicine and Geriatrics.

She refers to the Memphis Mobile Stroke Unit.

Warning Signs of Strokes

Dr. Seitz provides a printable wallet card to remind us of symptoms.

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