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Vivian Shudde – The Brookwood Community

“This is my life—and your imperfect life too,” says Vivian Shudde, CEO of The Brookwood Community, to the roomful of parents whose children have various intellectual and physical challenges. “Believe me, our sorority sisters and cousins and neighbors and school friends have imperfections in their lives too. But they’re easier to hide.” Vivian’s younger sister, Vicki, contracted the mumps as a small child. The disease led to meningitis and brain

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Favorite Travel Shoes

When I look around, I’m beginning to see hope. I had my second vaccine last week, I’m visiting my parents next month, and I’ve booked a trip to California’s wine country. Life—and travel—is revving back up again. But a recent article in the Wall Street Journal stopped me in my airport-racing, museum-trotting, city-sightseeing tracks. It seems I’m a bit of a dinosaur. Donna Bulseco writes of the obsolete fashion faux-pax

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Dr. Ann Neely – Picture Book Expert

“Before we get married, I want you to take Dr. Neely’s children’s lit class,” one of Dr. Ann Neely’s students announced to her fiancé. “It will help to make you a better father.” For 35 years, Ann, one of the premier experts on children’s literature in the country, read books published for the younger set—for a living. When she wasn’t squiring visiting authors to public schools and non-profits or speaking

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Nancy Fox – Equipping a Rental Home

To cut costs and recoup expenses, many property owners rent out their city apartment or lake house or condo at the beach. Although some balk at the idea of other people sleeping and lounging in their vacation home, the rental process can work and offset the cost of a second residence. Nancy Fox, property manager extraordinaire, knows exactly how to make the rental process a good experience for owners and

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Instant Pot Meals

“Where will I store this?” I thought as I unwrapped the birthday gift from my kids. I’m not a young mom, I’m not pressed for time, and I have all day to get dinner on the table… But, yes, I soon realized, I need an Instant Pot! I played around with this intimidating gadget and, like anything else, my skills improved with practice. It’s not instant dinner. The appliance takes

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How to Help an Ailing Friend

My walking buddy and I meet every Tuesday for our weekly dose of sanity. We power walk through a neighborhood or a park, catch up with our lives, and solve the problems of the world—and those of other people too. Last week, she tripped over a bump on the sidewalk, slammed her knee to the ground, and fractured her patella. She’s out of commission—and I’m without a walking partner—for two

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Dr. Melissa Langley – A Dermatologist Talks Botox

“Let me look at your neck. Hmmm…I’ve never seen something like that.” Just the words I want to hear from a dermatologist. Not long after I moved to Nashville, Dr. Melissa Langley and I met at an exercise class. One day, as we set up our mats and weights and balance balls, she continued to stare at my neck. “Come see me at my office,” she said. Besides treating skin,

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Books to Curl up with this Winter

Life is too short to read books we don’t love! I used to feel committed. If I started a book, either because of loyalty to the author or the good money I paid for it, I slogged through until the end. Nowadays, I only give a book three chapters. If I’m not hooked, I go to another. We have too many wonderful options! Here’s an assortment of books that did

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Robyn Sargent – King Arthur Baking Instructor

Robyn Sargent’s job is a delicious one. In her “office,” a spacious test kitchen equipped with the latest baking pans and gadgets, Robyn bakes cinnamon rolls and pizza dough and cream puffs. She adjusts seasonings and ingredients until the final product tastes just right. And she gets paid to do this. I discovered King Arthur Baking this past holiday season. A lovely friend gave me a gift card for Christmas.

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