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Mikey Hoag – Part the Cloud Seeks Alzheimer’s Cure

“You’ve got to let it go,” Mikey Hoag’s husband said to her. Mikey learned Bill Gates’ father and uncle had been stricken with Alzheimer’s. For two years, she emailed power points and statistics and information to the tech mogul, convinced Mr. Gates would want to join her movement to fund Alzheimer’s research.

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Betty Nelson – Age Will Not Define Me

The Orchid Series

A collection of interviews featuring inspiring women over 75 years young. Curious, engaged, active, interesting. The sort of woman I want to be when I grow up!  

Not long ago, Betty Nelson received test results from a physician. For a person this age, all looks fine, she read. Furious, Betty phoned the doctor’s office and scheduled an appointment to see him. 

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A Trip to Beaver Creek, Colorado

Beaver Creek consistently ranks as one of the top ten ski resorts in the United States. But those who don’t savor the cold and snow will find much to love in this Rocky Mountain community two hours west of the Denver airport.  As luck would have it, my son and our new bonus daughter chose the charming resort for their early October wedding. With the aspens greeting us in their

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Chris Walsh – A Virtual Styling Appointment

Chris Walsh grew up, and still lives, on Long Island. As a teenager, he enjoyed fashion and style, but he didn’t embrace it in the conservative environment where he lived. He chose not to call attention to his preferences and the clothes he longed to wear. “I wanted to blend in,” said Chris.

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Marilee Nelson – A Toxin-Free Home

Marilee Nelson did not intend to found and build a toxin-free home cleaning company. 

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