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What Do You Wear in the Garden?

By Janet Dahl  I am the first to admit that my general appearance, while at home during the shutdown, became increasingly casual as the pandemic wore on. And on. A few weeks ago, after a morning spent pulling weeds from the flower beds and pruning a few shrubs, I Zoomed with a college friend. Still in my gardening attire, I realized I’d gone—perhaps—a little too casual.  My good friend laughed

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Judy Wright – A Master Gardener

Do you eat a traditional meal on New Year’s Day? Around the world, foods served on the first day of the year symbolize luck, prosperity, and fertility. In Japan, noodles represent longevity. Italians serve dishes with lentils. Scandinavians dine on herring, and the people of Mexico eat grapes. And, as Judy Wright discovered when she moved to Nashville, Southerners sit down to collard greens, pork, and black-eyed peas. And this

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