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Megan Gill – Package-Free Shops

Exploring Megan Gill’s package-free shop, The Good Fill, is like wandering the luscious aisles of a candy store. Every which way you turn, shelves and bins and shiny containers entice with zero-waste options for those everyday items we all use. From personal hygiene products to home cleaning supplies, customers refill jars or bottles they already own and forgo tossing more plastic in the trash. A former hairdresser, Megan “witnessed a

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Jenna Testa Kilpatrick – Coastal Dune Lakes

I can’t think of anything I enjoy more than walking the beaches of 30A, the pristine stretch of coastline in Northwest Florida’s Walton County. When surrounded by waves and sandpipers and the rising sun, I’m in my happy place. If I’m lucky, as I sip my morning coffee, a dolphin or two will swim by to greet me. And then, I know, it will be a good day. Besides soft

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Julie Wainwright – The RealReal

I love pretty clothes and shoes, but I don’t have the budget for Chanel or Prada or Gucci. I’d only given The RealReal website, and its high-end apparel, a cursory glance. “Take a harder look,” Julie Wainwright encouraged me. “Not all our brands are luxury, and I bet we recirculate some of the lines you do buy.” Julie hasn’t changed. The 62-year-old is still energetic, confident, beautiful, and whip-smart. And

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Bea Johnson – Zero Waste Home

A well-meaning friend, bearing a box of individually-wrapped cookies and cakes, knocked on Bea Johnson’s door. “Are you kidding me?” grumbled Bea after the guest left. “I guess people don’t know what our zero-waste lifestyle means.” Before I spoke with Bea, I didn’t either. I run errands with my fabric bags and reusable water bottle, plunk our wine bottles into our glass recycling bin, and switched to cloth napkins for

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Vic Scoggin – Save the Cumberland River

We’ve all heard it is good to have a passion, a driving force motivating us to get up and moving each morning. Vic Scoggin’s love affair with a river, flowing almost 700 miles through the hills of Kentucky and Tennessee, began at an early age.  Growing up along the winding Cumberland River in Tennessee, the waterway was Vic’s playground.  “I learned to swim, fish, scuba dive – my life revolved

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The Green Bag Ladies

Around the world, we discard one million plastic bags every single minute. We use, on the average,  a bag for 25 minutes, and it takes 100-500 years for the bag to decompose. Our plastic trash, disposed of on land, flows from streams to rivers to the oceans. An ocean gyre is a system of ocean and wind  currents, swirling like a whirlpool. The trash is drawn into the calm center

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