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Agenia Clark – Girl Scout Cookies and a Taste Test

At the risk of sounding like a dinosaur, I once peddled Girl Scout cookies for 75 cents a box. They now sell for $4 and up. Agenia Clark, CEO of Girl Scouts of Middle Tennessee, laughed long and loud when I admitted this. But I won’t hold it against her. Thanks to the lovely Agenia, and the Girl Scout cookies she provided, our holiday household conducted a taste test last

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How to Express Sympathy to a Friend

Late last year, a college friend passed away. Other than at our sorority reunion—18 months ago, when she was still in good health—I hadn’t seen her in decades. But, thanks to email and texts and social media, we’d stayed in touch. And her death hit me hard. I still haven’t written a sympathy note to her husband. I’m at a loss for what to say to a man I know

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Christine Han – A Photographer’s Favorite Spots in Brooklyn, NY

Series:  Cities to Explore 

I’m sure you’ve spotted Christine Han’s stunning photographs. You’ll see her work in glossy magazines, delectable cookbooks, and advertisements for Pepsi and Starbucks and Bose. Scroll through the pages of Cup of Jo or Apartment Therapy, and Christine’s photos will tell the story of a person or space.

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Soups to Warm Up Your Winter

Outdoor dining has screeched to a halt—at least in my part of the country. The holidays are over, the decorations are down, and it’s dark by 5:30. The cold, dreary months of January and February stretch before us. To combat the winter blues, my friend, Janet has developed a coping mechanism. Instead of grumbling about the short days and freezing temps, she adopts a positive attitude. “Hurray,” she says. “I

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Judy Wright – A Master Gardener

Do you eat a traditional meal on New Year’s Day? Around the world, foods served on the first day of the year symbolize luck, prosperity, and fertility. In Japan, noodles represent longevity. Italians serve dishes with lentils. Scandinavians dine on herring, and the people of Mexico eat grapes. And, as Judy Wright discovered when she moved to Nashville, Southerners sit down to collard greens, pork, and black-eyed peas. And this

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What is Your Word for 2021?

Four years ago, we sold our big house in Texas and moved 800 miles away to a small home in Nashville. As we sorted through our belongings, and packed up our life in Houston, we donated, purged, consigned, and sold. I got rid of the dishes and linens and cookware and clothing I didn’t use or wear. All the stuff I didn’t like. But I saved—and transported to our new city— a

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TV Shows for the Long Winter Evenings

We watched the final episode of Justified last night. And I feel like a good friend moved away. I’ll miss Harlan County and Boyd and Art and Raylan—oh, especially Raylan. A tale about the U.S. Marshals service and crime in a southeastern Kentucky coal mining area, Justified contains a good amount of violence. But even the bad guys are likable. So—my husband and I now need another series to watch.

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A New Year’s Eve Tradition

Long ago I gave up glitzy parties and morning hangovers and late night celebrations. I no longer require noisemakers and hats to mark the end of the calendar year. On New Year’s Eve, I’m happy with a good movie to watch and a quiet dinner my husband and I prepare together. And our letters. The tradition began a few years ago. With the kids grown and gone, we craved a

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Cindy Wall – Cooking Through COVID-19

Nowadays, most of us spend more time in the kitchen. Flour and butter are in short supply. Fancy mixers and food processors are tough to find. We take advantage of our extra hours at home to prepare dishes we might not otherwise make. We are cooking through COVID-19. When The Belcourt Theatre closed for the pandemic, Cindy Wall, the Director of Communications and Marketing, knew she would miss the day-to-day,

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Erika Owen – Do You Flaneur?

When was the last time you took a walk without trying to accomplish something else at the same time? No stopping off at the market. No listening to a podcast or returning a phone call. No counting steps or miles. For me, it’s been awhile. Erika Owen “needed more quiet in her life.” The rat race of her New York City media career left her with little unscheduled time. Seeking

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