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Instant Pot Meals

“Where will I store this?” I thought as I unwrapped the birthday gift from my kids. I’m not a young mom, I’m not pressed for time, and I have all day to get dinner on the table… But, yes, I soon realized, I need an Instant Pot! I played around with this intimidating gadget and, like anything else, my skills improved with practice. It’s not instant dinner. The appliance takes

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How to Help an Ailing Friend

My walking buddy and I meet every Tuesday for our weekly dose of sanity. We power walk through a neighborhood or a park, catch up with our lives, and solve the problems of the world—and those of other people too. Last week, she tripped over a bump on the sidewalk, slammed her knee to the ground, and fractured her patella. She’s out of commission—and I’m without a walking partner—for two

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Dr. Melissa Langley – A Dermatologist Talks Botox

“Let me look at your neck. Hmmm…I’ve never seen something like that.” Just the words I want to hear from a dermatologist. Not long after I moved to Nashville, Dr. Melissa Langley and I met at an exercise class. One day, as we set up our mats and weights and balance balls, she continued to stare at my neck. “Come see me at my office,” she said. Besides treating skin,

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Books to Curl up with this Winter

Life is too short to read books we don’t love! I used to feel committed. If I started a book, either because of loyalty to the author or the good money I paid for it, I slogged through until the end. Nowadays, I only give a book three chapters. If I’m not hooked, I go to another. We have too many wonderful options! Here’s an assortment of books that did

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Robyn Sargent – King Arthur Baking Instructor

Robyn Sargent’s job is a delicious one. In her “office,” a spacious test kitchen equipped with the latest baking pans and gadgets, Robyn bakes cinnamon rolls and pizza dough and cream puffs. She adjusts seasonings and ingredients until the final product tastes just right. And she gets paid to do this. I discovered King Arthur Baking this past holiday season. A lovely friend gave me a gift card for Christmas.

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Amy Marsalis – Stylish Retreats & Her Favorite Spots in Nashville, TN

Series:  Cities to Explore 

Amy Marsalis usually celebrates Valentine’s Day at home. She sets a beautiful table, while Keith, her husband of 20 years, prepares a delicious meal. If not for COVID, the couple, who love to welcome guests to their home, had debated a red-themed dinner for the holiday. They pictured bolognese, perhaps, maybe a red velvet cake, a tomato appetizer, and, of course, red wine.

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Date Night Dinners

We’re not big on going out on Valentine’s Day, but we try to make it a special night in. Besides, as a dear friend likes to say, “Every day is Valentine’s Day!” I’m not sure what’s on our menu yet, but we’ll cook a nice meal, pour some red wine, and set the table with candles and cloth napkins. If you’re cooking at home on Valentine’s Day, or any day,

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Judithe Little – Author

To relax, some people turn to yoga or tennis or knitting. When Judith Little’s three children were young, she tucked them into bed at night, fired up her laptop, and wrote. A Houston lawyer by day, she “retreated into a world of characters who did what I wanted them to do,” she laughs. The pages of her first writing project, “a bad book she never finished,” lie buried under boxes

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Agenia Clark – Girl Scout Cookies and a Taste Test

At the risk of sounding like a dinosaur, I once peddled Girl Scout cookies for 75 cents a box. They now sell for $4 and up. Agenia Clark, CEO of Girl Scouts of Middle Tennessee, laughed long and loud when I admitted this. But I won’t hold it against her. Thanks to the lovely Agenia, and the Girl Scout cookies she provided, our holiday household conducted a taste test last

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How to Express Sympathy to a Friend

Late last year, a college friend passed away. Other than at our sorority reunion—18 months ago, when she was still in good health—I hadn’t seen her in decades. But, thanks to email and texts and social media, we’d stayed in touch. And her death hit me hard. I still haven’t written a sympathy note to her husband. I’m at a loss for what to say to a man I know

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